Summer and Winter Biology Courses at UMCP

A variety of courses in Biological Sciences are offered through the University in both summer and winter terms. They include introductory as well as specialized upper-level classes and labs. Class size is usually smaller than classes during regular academic semesters and some classes are online. Course offerings and times vary each term.

Visit Testudo for a current schedule and course descriptions.  Students from other colleges and universities are welcome. For instructor information, questions about prerequisites, or information for determining transfer equivalence please contact the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Student Services Office at 301.405.2080.

Visit the Office of Extended Studies website for details on enrolling.

Classes offered in Summer 2018:
(See Testudo for course descriptions and class schedules. Sample syllabi are below.)

BSCI135 Amazing Green: Plants that Transformed the World; (4 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI170 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology; (3 cr.) | Syllabus
   BSCI171 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab; (1 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I; (4 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II; (4 cr.) | Lecture Syllabus, Lab Syllabus 
BSCI222 Principles of Genetics; (4 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI223 General Microbiology; (4 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI330 Cell Biology and Physiology; (4 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI339I Cellular Mechanisms of Aging and Disease (3) ONLINE COURSE | Syllabus
BSCI348J Medical Microbiology; (3 cr.) ONLINE COURSE | Syllabus
BSCI348M Epidemiology of Pathogenic Microorganisms; (3 cr.) ONLINE COURSE | Syllabus
BSCI414 Recombinant DNA Laboratory (3 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI422 Principles of Immunology (3 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI440 Mammalian Physiology; (4 cr.) | Syllabus
BSCI447 General Endocrinology; (3 cr.) ONLINE COURSE | Syllabus