All Biological Sciences students are assigned an academic advisor. Career goals, academic progress, future courses, and other topics are discussed during advising. Advisors can also help students connect to valuable opportunities and resources on and off campus.

Advising appointments

Instructions for making appointments.

DROP-in advising

Drop-in advising is available through CMNS, but is not a substitute for pre-registration advising.

Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor?
Contact the CMNS Student Services Office at 301-405-2080 to determine your advisor. In most cases your advisor will send you an email in mid-October or after Spring break to remind you to set up an appointment. Biological Sciences students start with a staff advisor in Symons Hall and are later moved to a faculty advisor based on their Biological Sciences specialization.

Do I have mandatory advising?
All students with a staff advisor in Symons Hall, students with below a 2.5 GPA, and students who recently moved to a faculty advisor must meet with their advisor before they can register for classes for the next semester.