Departmental Honors Programs

Students in the biological and chemical sciences have many opportunities to do scientific research under the direction of a faculty member. The most intensive and rewarding research experiences can be found in the departmental honors programs, where students pursue an extensive mentored independent research project, and ultimately write and defend an honors thesis.  Through departmental honors research, students have the opportunity to earn the distinction of graduation with departmental honors designation on their transcript.

Descriptions and contacts for each departmental honors program:

Each departmental honors program has its own unique flavor, requirements for admission, and requirements for completion. Several aspects, however, are common to all of these research programs. Generally, students are encouraged to gain some research experience before applying to the honors program of their choice, although exceptions to this general expectation are possible. In a typical scenario a student would find a research mentor in the fall of their sophomore year, apply to the honors program in spring of their sophomore year, and join the honors program fall of their junior year. This allows a full two years of research experience. In all of the departmental honors programs students are required to attend a regular honors seminar, where students present and discuss their work, and to write up a final thesis description of their work. The thesis is also presented orally to a faculty committee, who determine if the thesis is acceptable.