Shady Grove: Advising, Academic Policies and Academic Assistance


Students attending the Universities at Shady Grove are required to meet with their academic advisor each semester for guidance and course selection as well as graduation and career planning. While students can schedule an appointment throughout a semester, they must complete at least one session of advising prior to registration for courses for the next semester.

Schedule adjustment is the process by which students may change their schedule by either adding or dropping courses. The period for schedule adjustment generally ends about two weeks in to the semester. If students wish to adjust their schedule, they should contact their academic advisor for assistance.  For detailed information about adding/dropping or withdrawing from courses, consult UM specific policy and academic calendar. Please refer to UM Undergraduate Catalog and student handbook for current policy information.

Expectations of Advisors:

  • Advisors must be be accessible by appointment
  • They must be be accurate and up to date in academic program and service information
  • They should be professional in their focus on the student's progress towards graduation

Expectations of Students:

  • Students must read University, College and departmental materials (particularly the Undergraduate Catalog)
  • Students must schedule their mandatory advising appointment well ahead of their registration date
  • Arrive on time
  • Bring a four-year plan
  • Come with questions

Each student has the ultimate responsibility for his or her own education.

Academic Policies

All students in the College are expected to familiarize themselves with College and University academic policies. A complete guide to University policies is available in the Undergraduate Catalog. A few noteworthy University and College policies are found on the CMNS website.

Exceptions to Policy:

Exceptions to policy are approved only under rare and extraordinary circumstances.
Petition for Exception to Policy forms may be obtained by contacting your academic advisor at USG or online.

Academic Assistance

The program is committed to the success of all its students and has special programs for the students to help them succeed in their academic endeavors. The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is one such initiative to assist students. CAS is located at the Universities at Shady Grove and provides reading and writing help to students attending classes at the Shady Grove campus. In addition, CAS provides peer-to-peer help by providing tutoring help and guided study sessions for various courses. Besides helping students with their papers and courses, CAS enriches students' learning expereince by offering various workshops to make them more proficient in managing time and multi-tasking as well as provides efficient learning strategies to help students study better. Learn more about the Center for Academic Success.