Making an Advising Appointment

For pre-registration advising (advising on classes for next semester) advisors usually send an e-mail with instructions on setting up an appointment (mid-October or after Spring break).

For all other advising or If you haven't heard from your advisor for pre-registration advising, use the contact information below.

Advisor contact information

Student Services Office (1300 Symons Hall)
For pre-registration advising use; for all other advising contact by email.

Undergraduate Academic Programs Office (1322 Symons Hall)

  • Dr. Joelle Presson - Make an appointment through Appointment plus using this link.  If you have difficulty contact Ms. Elaine Shaw-Taylor at or call 301-405-6892

  • Ms. Eden Garosi -

  • Dr. Katerina (Kaci) Thompson - or call 301-405-2160.

  • Dr. Francisca Saavedra - Contact Ms. Elaine Shaw-Taylor at or call 301-405-6892

Biology Department Undergraduate Program Office (2227 Biology-Psychology Building)
ECEV and PHNB faculty advisors
Dr. Reid Compton, Undergraduate Director & Coordinating Advisor

Faculty advisors will e-mail their advisees with directions on scheduling a pre-registration appointment, generally in mid-October or after Spring Break.  

Students may call the Biology Undergraduate Program Office (301-405-6904) if they experience any difficulty. 

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Department Undergraduate Program Office (1109 Microbiology Building)
CEBG, MICB, and GENB (last names N-Z) faculty advisors
Dr. David Straney, Undergraduate Director & Coordinating Advisor

For all advisors- Contact the undergraduate office in 1109 Microbiology Building (301-405-2766).

Entomology Department Undergraduate Program Office (4112 Plant Sciences)
GENB (last names A-M) faculty advisors
Dr. Brett Kent, Undergraduate Director & Coordinating Advisor

For all advisors- Make an appointment online via the Advising tab on the Entomology undergraduate website

  • Dr. Bretton Kent

  • Dr. Tammatha O'Brien

  • Dr. Leo Shapiro

  • Dr. Marsha Shofner