Major Requirements & Four Year Plans

Students can choose between General Biology or specialize in different areas of Biological Sciences.

For descriptions of each specialization area see details on the Biological Sciences major.

Making a Four Year Plan

The CMNS Peer Mentors can assist students with developing an individualized Four Year Plan.

Sample Curriculum Sheets and Four Year Plans

General Biology (GENB)
GENB Curriculum Sheet-Gen Ed GENB Sample 4-year Plan-Gen Ed
GENB Curriculum Sheet-CORE    |  GENB Sample 4-year Plan-CORE

Cell Biology & Genetics (CEBG)
CEBG Curriculum Sheet-Gen EdCEBG Sample 4-year Plan-Gen Ed
CEBG Curriculum Sheet-CORE    |  CEBG Sample 4-year Plan-CORE

Ecology & Evolution (ECEV)
ECEV Curriculum Sheet-Gen Ed  |  ECEV Sample 4-year Plan-Gen Ed
ECEV Curriculum Sheet-CORE    |  ECEV Sample 4-year Plan-CORE

Microbiology (MICB)
MICB Curriculum Sheet-Gen EdMICB Sample 4-year Plan-Gen Ed
MICB Curriculum Sheet-CORE    |  MICB Sample 4-year Plan-CORE

Physiology & Neurobiology (PHNB)
PHNB Curriculum Sheet-Gen Ed  |  PHNB Sample 4-year Plan-Gen Ed
PHNB Curriculum Sheet-CORE    |  PHNB Sample 4-year Plan-CORE

Individualized Studies (BIVS)
BIVS Curriculum Sheet-Gen Ed
BIVS Curriculum Sheet-CORE


Do I need to take PHYS131 and PHYS132?
The PHYS131/132 requirement is effective Fall 2013. If you completed PHYS121 before Fall 2013, you may complete the physics sequence by taking PHYS122. Any student who has not started on the completion of the Physics requirement before Fall 2013 must take PHYS131 and PHYS132 or a more advanced physics sequence. Questions about transfer and AP/IB credit should be directed to the Undergraduate Academic Programs Office, (301) 405-6892.

Do I need to take MATH130 and MATH131?
Effective Fall 2010, students must take MATH130 and MATH131 or a more advanced math sequence (such as MATH140 and MATH141). MATH220 and MATH221 are not acceptable for a Biological Sciences major.